Skylight Cleaning


in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Thousand Oaks

Skylights require special skills and a safety-first mentality to clean properly.  Access in and out are almost always important issues. Due to safety and the potential for damaging expensive skylights, it is always recommended to hire a professional cleaning service when skylights require interior and exterior cleaning. The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company, Inc. has the experience and high quality equipment to get skylights cleaned thoroughly and safely.

For the exterior of the glass, skylights are scrubbed with a wet-bar and in some cases a wet scrub pad. The water is removed with a squeegee and towel. Finally, the frame of the skylight is wiped dry and clean. Interior cleaning requires ensuring water, dirt, and debris are contained. We’re very careful not to damage or dirty carpets, walls, or other items in your home that may be in harms way while accessing and cleaning the interior of skylights. The skylight is scrubbed with a wet-bar or scrub pad. The water is removed with a squeegee and towels. Finally, all frames and sills are wiped clean and dry with a towel.

When you hire us to clean your skylights you’re receiving expert glass cleaning performed properly and safely. Not sure if we can access your skylights? We offer skylight cleaning throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas. Contact us and tell us about your home. We’ll let you know if we can clean your skylights and also provide you with a quote!