Pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks

The Glass Man is experienced at pressure washing buildings. From the eves to the ground The Glass Man works to properly clean buildings, removing heavy dirt and debris as well as cobwebs. The Glass Man can also clean concrete slabs utilizing a pressure washer.

Pressure washing homes and offices leaves window and light fixture glass covered in water and in need of a cleaning. Pressure washing utilizes hose water, which is most often hard-water. For this reason, it is paramount to clean windows immediately following a pressure washing.  In fact, for those windows and light fixtures in direct sunlight attention should be directed as soon as pressure washing of the specific part of the building has concluded, in order to ensure hard-water deposits do not become difficult to remove.

The Glass Man focuses on safety first and can advise on all your pressure washing, and subsequent window cleaning and light fixture detailing needs.

Not sure if your situation calls for pressure washing? We are your pressure and window washing specialists serving Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas; request a quote for pricing info and to discuss your individual needs.