Ojai Window Cleaning Service

Ojai Window Cleaning

by The Glass Man

Our window cleaning services are available to you throughout the Ojai area. Windows, blinds, shutters, skylights, rain gutters, we clean all of these areas and more. The key element of all our services is our meticulous detail. We take a lot of time to carefully perfect each crevasse of everything we clean. No small detail goes unnoticed and we leave no surface untouched. Our window cleaning services are labor intensive, highly involved, and we take considerable time to make sure we leave windows with a sparkling sheen. Your windows, window sills, blinds, and every adjacent area is left amazingly clean.

We’re determined to clean every area of your windows to the greatest possible degree, and do so with care and empathy for your property and possessions. This effort and ethic is extended not only to your windows (glass, frames, sills, tracks, and screens), but to your exterior walls, landscaping, and all areas of your home.

We are a long-time sustaining member of The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy. We work to use our business as a force for good, and operate in a way that minimally impacts the earth and conserves our resources.

The Glass Man has the expertise and equipment to access difficult to reach windows and roofs.

We clean an assortment of homes and buildings in Ojai - please contact us with questions about our cleaning services or to arrange a cleaning consultation.

We provide the following cleaning services: