Newbury Park Window Cleaning Service

Newbury Park Window Cleaning

by The Glass Man

To perform all of our cleaning services at the highest level requires a lengthy effort. Significant time is spent finalizing every area. While we’re cleaning windows, blinds, or shutters, we’re concentrating on every fine detail. We have developed specific procedures for cleaning each item and area which allows us to clean down to the smallest detail. The combination of many small details results in a large impact. Although window cleaning may seem like a subtle nuance, it provides a room or home with a fresh and renewed ambiance. You often don’t realize the effect dirty windows are having on your home until they’ve been cleaned by The Glass Man. Then, you’ll wonder how you ever went without glistening glass in your home.

We serve homes throughout Newbury Park, and we’re active in the Newbury Park community as a regular donor to Mountain Restoration Trust, protecting the land and wild spaces of the Santa Monica Mountains. Newbury Park receives seasonal winds which carry dust and debris from the desert and the ocean. These particles slowly accumulate on your windows over time, and because it is a gradual process many people don’t realize that their windows have become dirty.

Our assorted window cleaning services below are designed to meet many cleaning situations in your home or business: