Professional Holiday Lights Installation

Professional Holiday Light Installation

Trees, Roofs, Homes, and Shrubs

There's no need for you to worry about tangles of lights, ladders, heights, and other equipment to enjoy the holiday season this year. All of our technicians are trained and certified to run power and build and design light displays, safely. We are insured to work on ladders, and at heights to decorate residential and commercial rooflines, trees, and shrubs! You can relax and leave the complicated installation work to the professionals.

Also, there's no need to worry about your decorations taking up valuable storage space year-round. We will lease our commercial-grade lighting to you, store it, and bring it back next year!

The Glass Man Lights is officially certified with the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association. They are a professional association of Christmas light installers from around the United States and Canada, who must meet certain criteria in order to become (CLIPA) Certified Installers.

According to the official website, the certification requirements include:

  • CLIPA Training for New Installers.
  • Testing for New and Experienced installers.
  • Proof of (3) Years or More Experience for Existing Installers.
  • At Least (4) Letters of Reference from Past or Present Clients for Existing Installers.
  • Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance on File With CLIPA.

We believe in ongoing education and best practices. The reason we became certified is because of how deeply CLIPA values the vision and experience of each customer. We want our customers to feel cared for, valued, and treated well. This is an approach we carry in all of the services we offer.

According to the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association, common complaints in the Christmas light industry include:

  • Lights not being removed in a timely manner (or at all).
  • Maintenance issues that are not resolved in a timely manner (or at all).
  • Lights and decorations are not installed to the customer's expectations.
  • Damage incurred to property during installation or removal.
  • Installers operating without proper insurance.

At The Glass Man, you can expect that we will be thorough at each stage of the process: consultation, installation, and removal.

Through this certification process, all our Technicians have been carefully trained to install complex and elaborate holiday lighting. We come to each job prepared with the ideas and necessary tools and equipment to execute your lighting needs.
You can count on us for safe, convenient, reliable, and professional holiday lighting solutions.

Request a quote today, and let’s get your home ready for the holiday season!

Professional Holiday Lights Installation

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched the newest division of The Glass Man: The Glass Man Lights!

All of our technicians are trained to build and install (and take-down) professional-grade lighting installations. We are certified and engage in on-going training with, CLIPA (The Christmas Light Installation Pros Association). They are the professional association for Holiday light installers around the United States and Canada. Certified installers must meet certain requirements in order to become (CLIPA) Certified. The requirements are rigorous.