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Rain Gutter Cleaning

Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks

One of the many “joys” of homeownership is keeping your rain gutters and downspouts clean. You may be wondering if it’s even necessary to clean them all that often, but trust our professional opinion: it’s critical. Gutters are crucial to your home's integrity. They are the devices that control the flow of the rainwater, which protects your home's landscape, foundation, roof, and walls. The dry summer season usually brings tons of leaves, dust, and debris, especially after a heightened fire season. This debris fills in the valleys of your roof and gutters. Gutters are hung at slight angles to direct the flow of water toward downspouts. With winds picking up this winter and debris piling up, incoming rains are sure to sweep all those packed-in branches, leaves, and dirt down your roof valleys and gutters and concentrate them into clogs.

A clogged gutter or downspout prohibits water from flowing. This leads to water backing up into the eves and under roof tiles, pooling and weighing on sections of gutter until they are dislodged out of place, which causes the angle to change and further disrupts the intended flow of water toward downspouts. To prevent this from happening and ensure that your gutters are doing their jobs, let’s look at the six key steps to how professionals like us can keep your gutters pristine.

  1. ACCESS:

    We utilize the highest quality ladders, vacuum systems, and safety equipment to access your gutters. We are insured to work on ladders and at heights and all our technicians engage in regular safety training.


    We start by removing all heavy debris that has built up on roofs, as this will soon make its way to the gutter system. We utilize blowers to safely remove this debris, and we always clean the surrounding grounds of this debris before we are done! (leave no trace!)


    Once gutters have been accessed and roofs cleaned, we remove heavy debris from the gutters. This is done manually with specialty tools or with a pole-fed high-powered vacuum system.


    Downspouts are where we will find large debris clogs… and dog toys…. And kid's toys! We remove all debris and ensure the downspouts are free and clear. If necessary we may disassemble sections of the downspout to unclog.


    We inspect as we clean to report any inconsistencies with the gutters and downspouts. When utilizing our vacuum system we use cameras mounted on our poles to safely view gutters. This ensures the rain gutter system is ready to do its job and control the flow of rainwater.


    Finally, and always, we clean up. We ensure your gutter's faces have not been left with dirt and debris hanging from them, and all surrounding grounds are clean.

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