805 Window Cleaning: Over a Decade of Window Cleaning in Ventura County

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Dan Glassman 805 Window Cleaning

This is how we got started cleaning windows in the 805.

I started working in the window-cleaning business near the end of 2004, finding a job in the Help Wanted section of the paper. Almost immediately, what stuck out to me the most about that job was the importance given to speed over quality. We would go in, get the job done quickly, and have customers complaining about the rushed job. Streaks were left on windows, floors were dirtied, and the job was often not up to the expectations of the customers. 

Seeing this lack of professionalism and respect for the customer and the job as a whole, I decided that I wanted to do business in a different fashion. I was raised to do it right the first time. The way I’ve always thought about how I finish a job and run my business is to think of every job as being done for my grandmother; if she had hired me, would my work be up to her standards? Would she appreciate what I’d done and how I’d taken care of her home? In everything we do, we are for Our Community and Our Earth. We make the best effort to treat you as part of our family, and make no mistake; everyone in the 805 community is a part of our family.

The 805 is our community.

I started Glass Man Window Washing in 2005, building my business slowly through jobs from family and friends, growing by word of mouth through Ventura County and Santa Barbara. I was a full-time student at Ventura College where I played water polo. After a year of full-time, steady work, I knew that I had a viable and successful business on my hands, and turned my efforts into building a business to support my community and values. We began to hire and grow. By 2010, I had graduated from CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo with two bachelor’s degrees in business and economics. Soon after, I earned my master’s degree in business administration. I looked at how to better serve our customers, protect my team members, and support our community. I invested in top-tier equipment and expanded the services that my company offered.

We've been cleaning windows in the 805 for 16 years.

My company has been in business for 16 years now, and I believe that this success would not have been possible had I not relied on providing a truly valuable service to my community. I was not content with the quantity-over-quality mentality of my first job in this industry. For us, the choice is not whether to do a job fast or well: if we do it well, we have met both goals. As our customer, you will never come home to find a job half-finished or your home in disarray. Our first priority is to ensure that you leave any worries at the curb and know that the job will be completed with the care and attention that our 805 family deserves.

If you have any questions or could use any of our services, ranging from deep cleaning of your home’s interiors and exteriors to Christmas and Holiday light installation, please call us today for a consult and free quote at (805) 218-4660.