Window Screen Repair in Ventura

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Window Screen Repair is an important part of our window cleaning services and is offered in all of our cleaning packages. Our crew members check each screen to determine whether they need to wash, fix, or replace it. 

Building and repairing screens is not something that should be done offsite; all windows are different and accept screens differently. The margin for measurement error in order to produce a proper fit and ensure the effectiveness of the screen as a block for bugs, debris, and more is slim. Screening is an art and at times takes great finesse. Because we service the entire window in addition to replacing screens, we have a deep understanding of how different windows work and are used, we can better build and fix screens when damaged or in need. 

Benefits to Window Screen Repair

There are many benefits to window screen repair. If you live in the Ojai or Ventura area, chances are there are insects and animals in your yard. Having properly repaired screens is important for pest prevention; to keep out bugs, dirt, debris, and even rodents and larger mammals! The reason we include window screen repair as part of our cleaning services is that we believe that this is an essential part of the cleaning process itself. 

Reasons to repair old, torn, or sun-damaged window screens:

Curb Appeal

When it comes time to sell a home, one of the first things a real estate agent will suggest is window washing, followed by a replacement of all your screens. They know that dirty windows and damaged or dirty screens make potential buyers wonder: “if they didn’t take care of their windows and screens, what else didn’t they take care of?” Good, clean windows and screens make a good impression. They make your whole home pop. When people come to visit, shiny, well-kept windows and screens will add exponential appeal to the overall beauty of your home.

Keeping the outside, outside.

Screens don’t only increase your curb appeal; when they are in good working condition and kept nice and clean, their primary function is to block out bugs, dirt, debris, and even rodents, lizards, and other wildlife. This is done not only by the screen material itself but by a good, intact, sturdy screen frame as well. Bent or bowed screen frames can cause unwanted access points in a home. Clean screens, without debris, mold, or another build-up, in good working order, ensure the only thing coming in is clean, fresh air.

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity of your windows and home. 

Clean window screens will always keep the window and interior of your home cleaner; the cleaner the window is, the better the house will look and feel from the inside, out. 

Professional Window Screen Repair in Ventura County

We go out of our way to provide this specific service to our customers, in addition to many others. If it has been a while since your window screens were inspected and replaced, give us a call. You’ll be surprised at how different your home can feel!