What is the difference between a professional window cleaning company and other companies?

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

The Glass Man Window Washing Professional Window Cleaning Company

There are people who believe that the services professional window cleaning companies provide are equivalent to hiring a guy in a truck with some equipment. Simply put, they are not. There are a few reasons why.

Here are the BIG Differences Between A Professional Window Cleaning Company and other Companies

There are quite a few big differences between a professional window cleaning company and other companies. We do everything we can to ensure that The Glass Man Window Washing stands out, even among the best professional cleaning companies. 

Here's what sets us apart:

  1. We Communicate. We communicate well; we have an office and support systems to provide great communication throughout the process. From getting a quote, scheduling, arrival times, completion, and perhaps most importantly, feedback and support once a service has been completed. We are here to be your cleaning solution for years and years to come, and you will always be able to find us and talk to us.

  2. We Are Insured. Most are not, many are not insured for everything they are offering and doing; it is different to be insured for first-floor cleaning or janitorial, and different to be insured for climbing and working on ladders, and different to be insured for roof access work. It is different to be insured for pressure washing. We are insured for all of this and more, comprehensively.

  3. We Do Better. We engage in regular, ongoing safety, and technical training.

  4. We take the time and spend the money to hire and train HIGH-QUALITY individuals who are engaged in our community and committed to learning, growth, and putting their best foot forward.

  5. We utilize high-quality equipment and tools and have the capacity to handle any size project you can throw at us.

  6. We Aim High. We produce better quality work and create a much better quality experience. All results of the previously mentioned areas of focus.

  7. We Show Up. We have experience and expertise.  This is LEARNED and earned in the field and over time. We have the field experience, office experience, and Executive business management experience to continually produce high-quality work for even the most complicated cleaning projects.

  8. We Do More. We support and always stand for Our Community and Our Earth. 

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Services:

As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season, I want to remind you of the services The Glass Man offers. In addition to window cleaning:   

  1. We pressure wash buildings and concrete slabs , removing heavy dirt and debris as well as cobwebs.
  2. We clean rain gutters (keeping your home’s gutters clean and clear prevents water damage and allows the gutters to do their job by routing water from your roof down to the ground.)
  3. We clean solar panels. 
  4. We replace screens (this job requires patience and finesse). New screens effectively keep out bugs and heavy debris while the window is open. Additionally, new screens are much more invisible to the eye when compared to older, sun-damaged screen materials. 

A Professional Window Cleaning Company: There is a Difference

At the end of the day, when you hire a professional cleaning company like ours, you can trust that your home will be serviced by trained, trustworthy, and reliable professionals with years of experience. The end result is always amazing; don’t hesitate to reach out to make an appointment and see for yourself