Our Pressure Washing Services

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Pressure Washing Services, Before and After: The Glass Man Window Washing

Our Pressure Washing Services

Our pressure washing services begin as we carefully and thoughtfully move all plants, pots, trash cans, and other items away from exterior walls. We then remove all screens from windows and ensure that the windows and doors are closed and latched around your home, for a dry seal. As we clean, we are continually assessing the surfaces we are cleaning and the potential for leaks. A watchful eye and carefully-trained understanding of surface types will leave your home in excellent condition. 

Pressure washing brings out the beauty and luster of your home’s exterior; the best part is that it removes heavy dirt, debris, and cobwebs. Not only does this make your house look exponentially better, but it removes a bunch of buildups that will lead to degradation, decay, and breakdown of paint and other building materials so that you can avoid potentially expensive home repairs in the long run.  We pair this service with exterior window washing and light fixture cleaning to ensure your property is protected from hard water mineral deposits.

Before the fall kicks in and brings in a whole new round of leaves, let’s get your home looking beautiful so that you can relax in the months to come.