Cobweb removal in Ojai and Ventura

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Ojai Cobweb Removal

All Ventura and Ojai residents know that part of the price we pay to live in beautiful Southern California is the amount of dust, bugs, cobwebs, and debris we can expect, especially as we head into late summer and early fall. In addition to making your home look older and less attractive, overtime a buildup of cobwebs is in fact unhealthy for you and for your home.

The Benefits of Cobweb Removal

A study from the Indiana University Department of Physical Activity discovered a correlation between clean houses and healthy people. Inside air can be greatly affected by the frequency of the cleaning. Inside, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold, and bug skeletons all break down and get into the air we breathe. These are all found in high volume on window sills, tracks, and screens.

Ojai, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Cobweb Removal

As part of the cleaning and sanitization services we provide, we offer cobweb removal both in Ojai and in Ventura. 

Cobweb Removal Methods

A wet cobweb cleaning is most effective. We use pressure washing, which is an excellent way to clean buildings of all debris but requires a skilled technician with an eye for and training regarding surface types, leak potential, and landscape considerations.

We use the dry method when the building or landscape requires a more careful touch. A Dry cobweb cleaning is quite effective and is completed with cobweb brushes and poles. We work around the home with specific equipment to clean windows, screens, and cobwebs. As we move from window to window we use a large round brush on a pole to capture and remove cobwebs from the eaves and walls. Once the webs have been removed from a section of the exterior, we take off the screen and clean the glass, frame, sill, and track. We’ll wash, brush, and sometimes replace the screen.

We Use Exclusively Natural Products

The protection of our environment and your health are our top priorities. We always use natural products. You can trust that there will be no harmful residues or toxins lingering in the air. 

You'll Love the Finished Product

Once we remove the cobwebs your home will instantly look and feel significantly different. Once you've experienced our services, you can lock in regular maintenance fees by scheduling ongoing appointments, so we can come back and clean again before the cobwebs have a chance to reaccumulate. 

Keep us in mind when you need cobweb removal services in the Ojai and Ventura area; we will be delighted to assist you. We are here to make cleaning easy and get you on a maintenance schedule that means peace of mind and at-home comfort, all year long.