When to Hire a Solar Cleaning Company

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

  When to Hire a Solar Cleaning Company

When it comes to solar panels, the bottom line is that a clean panel is a better panel for your wallet and the environment. Your panels will work significantly better and produce more energy if you get rid of common solar blockers: leaves, dust, bird droppings, debris, etc. 

If you live somewhere dry, with leaves, prone to winds that might drag debris, then it’s important to clean your panels often. According to Energy Matters, “ CleanTechnica – reported an analysis by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) that showed a potential 30 percent energy yield loss per year, if panels are not cleaned monthly.”

In other words, skimping on cleaning your solar panels is actually costing more money than you are saving. 

The best way to get the most out of your dollar is to hire a professional to clean your solar panels.  I believe environmental consciousness is crucial; being a solar cleaning company is important to us, as it is completely in line with our values as a business.

We are a California Certified Green Business and members of One Percent For The Planet. We donate 1% of our gross revenues to environmental causes; specifically, the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (OVLC) and the Ventura Land Trust

We know that the people who invest in solar panels are the kind of people who are committed to preserving this planet, utilizing our natural resources to our advantage, not to our destruction.

We use pure water systems that enable the kind of cleaning manufacturers recommend. Furthermore, because solar panels are difficult to access (they are often located on roofs), cleaning them properly requires specific tools, training, certifications, and protections to ensure competent professional cleaning. We have all of this: you can trust us to treat your solar panels with care, to ensure that they can continue functioning in optimal condition, for a long time.