How to Clean Blinds (and Windows!)

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Clean Blinds

There’s a lot of information out there about how to clean your windows properly. There are plenty of DIY tips on the internet that are really good to follow, for example:

  1. Start by removing the dirt and the dust from the sills.

  2. Carry two detailing rags—you can use one for sills, and the other for glass (that way, you won’t carry dirt from one part of the window to the other.)

  3. If hard water is an issue, try using vinegar as an alternative, especially if you prefer using natural cleaning products. Acetic acid doesn’t streak, which is why many people like mixing vinegar and warm water to clean their windows.

All of these tips are excellent, but they won’t replace the quality job only a professional can perform. It is my belief, if you hire a professional to provide services at your home, you should not have to do anything. My favorite thing to tell prospective clients is that, when they hire us, they don’t have to do absolutely anything: that’s the beauty of hiring us: we have a very rigorous process. From arrival to departure, we want to take care of all prep work; moving and securing property to allow for cleaning, cleaning, and replacing anything that was moved.

We always start with the exterior windows. We remove the screen, run it through a screen- washer (with overlapping bristles and pressurized water), wipe it down, and then work on the window frame with a stiff brush that removes all the cobwebs, debris, and dirt. Then, we scrub the glass, the window frames, sills, and any exposed tracks with an array of tools specifically designed to remove heavy debris. We remove the soap and water with a squeegee, to minimize streaks and germs. Then, we dry everything and put the screens back, before heading inside the house and performing the exact same process with the interior glass (after making sure that we have covered the floors and furniture, and our shoes, to ensure that no damage is done.) Upon completion of the job, we perform a visual inspection to ensure that the work is up to Glass Man standards. Sure, you can absolutely do a great job yourself, but if we do it for you, you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner windows for a longer period of time. 

You do what you do best - we will do what we do best! (insert happiness here→)