18 Months Since the Thomas Fire

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

18 months ago, The Thomas Fire tore through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in one of the most frightening and devastating disasters we've seen in the last decade. My house was one of the structures ravaged by the fire. I lost everything. Clothes, books, furniture, cherished possessions; I didn't have renters' insurance (seriously, if you don't think you need it please get it NOW) so I was suddenly forced into a position where I'd have to re-repurchase all my business equipment as well as an entire house worth of domestic and office utensils, if I wanted to keep the life I had so carefully built.

This is what my house looked like, after the fire:

Dan's House after the Thomas Fire


My dream of saving money to buy a house disappeared. I was completely at a loss. I didn't have a place to run my business, and I didn't even have the tools my business needed to operate. It was terrifying.

Dan during the Thomas Fire

But then the support started to come in. I received donations from close friends and strangers, words of encouragement, ideas; I started to rebuild. 

18 months later, I have made significant progress in my personal and business recovery; I am humbled and very grateful. I had the opportunity to see, first-hand, how incredible our community is. After the fire, we spent 8 months of deep-cleaning homes and businesses that were covered in ash and soot. We were only able to do it because of the support we received in rebuilding our own business so quickly.

 It's been just over a year-and-a-half, so I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. After running this business for 15 years, it means everything to see it continue to grow, despite the devastation. Every single one of our customers contributes to that growth. 

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company is built on the idea that everything works better when we take care of each other. If there's anything we can do for you, if you have questions, or you'd just like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to text me on my personal cell (805) 218-4660 or simply reply to this email. :)

Again, thank you for everything.