1% For The Planet Oath of Action

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

We have reflected on areas of our operations and day-to-day where we can improve... where we will make the greatest impact for progess. Our #OathOfAction is to actively EDUCATE and ENGAGE our employees, clients, and most importantly fellow citizens and other business owners. What this means for us: in order to make great steps forward in the field of environmental protection and conservation we need support from more people in our communities and beyond. Support and an aligned sense of purpose, we believe, will come with understanding through adequate education and engagement. We want fellow business owners to understand why we operate the way we do, and how easy and mutually beneficial it is to do the same. We want them to understand the cost and the reward.

1% for the planet Oath

Business has a unique and powerful ability to affect change. We want that change to be positive and we want a unified push to do so. We want our wild spaces and wilderness to thrive and survive; that our children may see it as we see it... maybe even a little bit better!