Ojai Window Cleaning with Dirt and Debris Removal

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Ojai Window Cleaning with Dirt and Debris Removal

Today we worked to clean windows at a rural property in Ojai. Shrouded by Oak trees, the property is unique and wild, and has its fair share of Spider webs, which tend to build up in windows where there is light. With the spider webs come bug debris in the form of dark spots and bug carcasses all over the window glass, window frames, and window sills. Cleaning all the windows; the glass, the frames, the sills, the tracks, and the screens, made a huge difference at this Ojai home.

Cleaning glass windows in Ojai CA

Regular Window Cleaning Protects Glass

Removal of the dirt and debris found on windows in rural areas requires specific tools to do so safely and effectively. We utilize window-specific scraper blades as well as scrub pads to remove heavy debris and get the window’s glass, frames, and sills back to their original shine! Homes in rural areas are more exposed to dust, debris, dirt, insects, and other environmental factors which can damage windows. Regular professional window cleaning is essential to keep the window glass free of damage, to protect the integrity of the glass, and to keep the beauty of the surroundings clearly visible.

Cleaning dirt and cobwebs from windows in Ojai home

Best Choice For Window Care in Ojai

We work to go above and beyond, removing cobwebs well around the exterior and interior of the windows. With heavy dirt and debris, it is important to us to utilize shoe covers, drop cloths, and a keen eye, in order to contain the debris and remove it from the home. We understand that we’re working on a person’s home, therefore we clean with great consideration for your property, always improving the quality of your living space, and leaving things better than when we arrived. We are THE choice for high quality, caring window cleaning in Ojai. Request a free quote for our window cleaning services.