Many kinds of windows to clean

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Many kinds of windows to clean

Ventura Window Cleaning

Operating a professional window washing service, eventually we clean every kind of window. After over 10 years of providing window cleaning throughout Ventura County and the city of Santa Barbara, we thought about the endless variety of different windows types:

Slider Windows

Common in most homes and offices. Basically two pieces of glass. One pieces slides in front of the other to open the window. These tend to get dirty from the dust that accumulates in the slider track.

Double Hung Window

The glass windows which are two pieces with one opening vertically. Not as common as the horizontal slider windows.

2 Lift-out Slider Window

Similar to slider windows, but both pieces of glass swing inward or outward. Easy to clean and lets in a lot of fresh air.

Casement Window

Single piece of glass which swings inward like a door.

Awning Window

Like a casement window rotated 90 degrees. The awning swings open from the top. Often used in schools, libraries, or in windows which are close to the ceiling.

Fixed Window Over Awning

Just what you would expect. A single piece of glass above the awning window.

Hopper Window

Like an awning window which rotates from the bottom instead of the top.

Bay Window

Three panels of glass with the two outside pieces of glass angled inward. Often outset from the room. In the right location can provide panoramic views.

Bow Window

Similar to a bay window, but using 5 pieces of glass.

Garden Window

Like a 3D trapezoid. Can be designed several different ways. Garden windows let in light from every angle making them ideal locations for placing plants and flowers. Can be small box-like windows, or larger configurations similar to bay windows.

Sliding Patio Door Window

Found in almost every home. Basically a huge slider window extending from the floor nearly to the ceiling.

Picture Window

Single piece of glass which doesn’t open, slide, swing, or rotate. Easy to clean.

Cathedral Window

Fancy, classic. Besides its use in cathedrals, these windows are sometimes used in homes with vaulted ceilings and placed high near the ceiling.

Louvered Window

These windows are like glass shutters which use many horizontal pieces of glass to fill the frame. Each individual piece twists to open.

Skylight Windows

Glass windows placed in the ceiling/roof. There are many kinds of skylights, different shapes and different kinds of glass. Typically the most difficult and dangerous to clean.

As you can see, there are so many kinds of glass windows. Many of these are in difficult to access areas, vaulted areas, second or third stories, ceilings, etc. At a glance, glass window cleaning may seem like a simple task, but to get a brilliant shine and really get every area clean requires a highly concentrated effort. We bring a perfectionist mindset to every window cleaning job, and when we’re finished you’ll wonder have you ever went without professional window cleaning by The Glass Man Window Washing in Ventura County.

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