Santa Barbara Window Cleaner Service - The Glass Man Window Washing

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Santa Barbara Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service specializes working in all kinds of homes. Santa Barbara has many areas from hillside properties in Montecito or on the Riviera, to single story track style homes in Goleta, and townhomes and condos downtown and on the mesa. Each home in Santa Barbara presents a unique cleaning challenge. The location of the property will often affect the type of debris which accumulates on the windows and around the home. Hillside homes attract more dust and dander while other homes may gather more salty-air build up.

With a Santa Barbara view like this, hire a trusted, competent, and considerate professional for all your window cleaning needs!

With a Santa Barbara view like this, hire a trusted, competent, and considerate professional for all your window cleaning needs!

After 10 years of cleaning windows, glass, and the outer trims of homes, we’ve worked in and around every kind of home. When a customer hires us for a cleaning service, they’re trusting us with their home. We take this relationship very seriously, and we exercise extreme care around carpets, rugs, couches, dressers, beds, floors, furniture, and of course landscaping, stonework, walls, and glass work. Our top priority is to not disturb our customer’s home or property. When you choose us for window cleaning services in Santa Barbara you receive peace-of-mind knowing that we’re extremely careful, respectful, and take our window cleaning work very seriously.

We provide window cleaning services that come with peace-of-mind. We carry a comprehensive contractor’s liability policy and are fully insured to account for unexpected situations.  Our team members are trained and directed to consider our clients feelings and emotions; to work in a way that shows concern for possessions and landscaping.  

On the exterior, we work to protect plants, trees, and flowers from damage caused by ladders and feet. Walls, rain gutters, and roofing is considered and protected from unruly ladders.

Cleaning the interior, teams utilize shoe covers to avoid tracking in dirt and debris from outside.  Great care is taken to work with clean hands around couches and walls. Carpets, beds, and furniture are moved carefully and respectfully.  We utilize drop cloths to mitigate potential drips from cleaning tools. The detailed and care-oriented cleaning teams necessary to provide cleaning services at the professional level is what we provide. We love what we do and we treat your home like it’s our own family’s home.

Safe and effective cleaning solutions make your Santa Barbara home an enjoyable, inviting place to relax! See all of our Santa Barbara cleaning services for more information, or contact us to request a free quote.