Why hire a pro window cleaner in Ventura County?

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Why Hire a Professional Window Cleaner?

I have operated a window cleaning service in Ventura County and The City of Santa Barbara for 10 years. I have heard many clients talk about how they "used to have their husband do it," or "my friend offered to clean the windows," or "I used to make my kids wash the windows."

All of these comments and more are followed with some variation of, "I am so happy you do it now!"  Some clients proudly admit to being "too old to get on a ladder," while others lament that their kids or husband always did a poor job.  All notice how much detail we put into the work; how we painstakingly clean dirt and debris from window tracks; how we wash screens and window frames with a discerning eye to ensure an even clean; how we go the extra step to care for carpets and possessions on the interior of homes and offices.

What do you get when you hire a professional window washer?

Professional window washers are experienced and practiced at the art of window cleaning. Professionals can clean quicker while producing a higher quality result. Removing screens is tricky, accessing windows is often harder than it sounds, and many people actually destroy their screens accidentally trying to remove them. Let someone who works cleaning windows everyday handle the stress and difficulties of window cleaning.

Professional window cleaning is highly thorough

When your kids, neighbor, or husband clean the windows, the job is not comprehensive. Our Ventura and Santa Barbara window cleaning service completely cleans and detail the window glass, the window frame, the window sill, the window screen, and the window tracks. As this is done to each window inside and out, your home or office is left noticeably cleaner! It surprises many customers that the results are not subtle at all.

Professional cleaning - more than just speed and quality

Professional window cleaners are practiced at moving around the interior and exterior of homes and are minimally invasive, safe, and clean. Exterior window cleaning involves working in and/or around garden planters, trees, bushes and other landscaping. It involves positioning, climbing and working on ladders, and moving and working on roofs.

Interior window cleaning involves working around couches, carpets, beds, desks, and other household possessions, as well as positioning and working on ladders. Professional window cleaners are experienced at all these aspects of exterior and interior cleaning; they can work quicker, cleaner, and in a much safer manner than your kids or husband. In addition, professional window cleaners, who operate in a responsible manner, carry insurance and thus provide peace-of-mind for any concerns regarding injury or damage.

Stay off that ladder! Let a practiced professional window cleaner handle the ladders.

Hiring a true window cleaning professional, and further, someone you can trust, means peace-of-mind and one less thing on your plate. If you have questions about our window cleaning and peripheral services please contact us for more information, or request a free quote today. We service all of Ventura County and the city of Santa Barbara.