Window Cleaning in Ventura: A complete wash

by Dan Glassman Owner/operator

Ventura Window Washing and Exterior Cleaning

A complete wash: pressure washing; eves to the ground, cleaning and detailing of all exterior light fixtures, skylight cleaning, and cleaning of all windows inside and out.

Window Cleaning Ventura

Today was a great day cleaning windows in Ventura! We were able to provide a variety of services in a way that provided a complete exterior house cleaning, as well as interior window and skylight cleaning! The service started with an exterior pressure washing, cleaning dirt and debris from the eves all the way down to the ground.

Ventura Window Cleaning

Pressure washing begins with carefully and thoughtfully moving all plants, pots, trash cans, and other items away from exterior walls. In addition all screens are removed from windows. Pressure washing is a great way to bring out the beauty and luster of a great exterior paint job! The catch is, after pressure washing a home, windows are covered in water from the hose and this can leave window and light fixture glass with hard-water deposits if the water is allowed to dry on the glass.

Window Washing Ventura

We have a great way to avoid this problem. Immediately after a section of the home is pressure washed, all window and light fixture glass is wiped down, to avoid hard-water build-up. Once the pressure washing is complete, windows skylights and exterior light fixtures are completely detailed and cleaned. Screens are washed and replaced, and all client possessions moved for pressure washing are returned to their rightful spot. We use drop cloths inside to avoid spreading water drops or debris from window sills. After a pressure washing, we are extra careful to use shoe covers as our shoes may be wet or dirty from the exterior cleaning process.

Ventura Window Washing

Our client today understands the importance of maintaining her investment. She appreciates not having to worry about how the job will be handled - her home was treated with respect, the job was conducted professionally and with great consideration, and safety was of the utmost concern. We enjoy providing complete cleaning packages; pressure washing, light fixture cleaning, skylight cleaning, and window cleaning in Ventura!