Blind detailing and washing

Blind Detailing And Washing

Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks

The Glass Man details most types of metal, plastic, and wood blinds, both horizontal and vertical. For metal and plastic 1 inch and 2 inch blinds, The Glass Man removes the blind from the home or office. Blinds are hung in many different ways and experience is required to understand how to remove blinds without damage to walls, or to the blinds themselves. The blinds are wrapped up and brought outside. The blinds are spread out, open, on safe mats, outdoors where they are sprayed off and scrubbed with a soapy water. The Glass Man utilizes stiff brushes on poles to scrub the slates of the blinds. It is important to scrub both sides and then rotate the slates to reach the area of the slate that is overlapped by the slate above and below it. Once the blind has been thoroughly scrubbed, it is hung up on a custom drying rack where it is rinsed clean and dried. Once blinds are dry they are returned to their origin.

Blinds have many small, fragile parts and it is crucial to understand these parts and work with caution when cleaning. For wooden blinds, water can not be applied in the same method used for metal or plastic blinds. Wooden blinds are cleaned hanging in place, and a wet-towel / dry-towel method is utilized to detail each blind slate individually.

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