Ventura Window Cleaning Service

The Glass Man

Professional Window Washing  Company, Inc. 
Ventura, CA

We service mobile homes, apartments, and single family homes, all the way to multi-story mansions. We also service businesses: restaurants, boutiques, doctor's offices, small offices, and large multi-story office buildings. We specialize in working with our business clients to make the experience un-intrusive and client friendly.

When we work for a business, we give great consideration to the fact that they have clients. We're flexible and we’re happy to work with our customers to find the best time to clean. Often windows need to be cleaned during business hours; we want what is best for our clients and we work in a way that is considerate of our clients and their customers and clients.

We are minimally invasive, quiet, and respectful. We want businesses to thrive and we provide the means to work in a clean environment and put the best foot forward. A clean window is a clean floor, is a clean kitchen, is a clean office, and this is a great place to do business. We can set up a schedule to keep windows clean and looking great all year around; worry free - so businesses can focus on what they do best!

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The Glass Man Professional Window Washing,Inc.

License # 086768