Ventura Window Cleaning Service

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing  Company, Inc. 

Ventura, CA

"At the end of 2004, I took a job cleaning windows when I saw an advertisement in the paper. This was my first peek into the industry, and I immediately noticed the astonishing lack of empathy in the trades.

I started this business because I wanted to deliver the quality of care and service I would expect to receive in my own home or business. Each member of our team is trained with this in mind. Our priority is to give you an excellent experience with lasting results, a clean you can feel!"

- Dan Glassman, Owner

The Glass Man Window Washing, Inc. is a professional window washing and exterior cleaning company focused on providing exceptional service, owned and operated by Ventura Native Dan Glassman.

From our first contact, we are here to partner with you as your resource for cleaning and care. We do this by ensuring great communication from a responsible office, superior service offerings provided by high-quality individuals with rigorous safety and technical training, and a culture that supports continuous improvement and learning.

We are committed to excellence and will be here, year after year, to support your life's cleaning needs.

We are committed to the betterment of our team members' lives, our community, and our customers.

We believe in continual improvement and want to earn your trust. We start by hiring the highest caliber individuals; people who align with our values and embrace our community.
We pay them well and train them extensively to excel at what they do and perform as true professionals.

Our clients continually comment and exclaim how considerate and detail-oriented we are.

We recognize the intimacy of having someone come to your home and walk through every room to access and open windows. Our training includes a deep understanding of how to properly care for windows and all their parts, and also for taking great care of your home and everything we will encounter. We are focused on ensuring the entire experience is valuable and hassle-free. We deliver peace of mind.

We look forward to doing business with you. We are on your team. To us, there’s nothing more important than knowing that you feel like you’re getting the best service possible, every time we visit.

Please read more about our services, request a quote for our cleaning services.

The Glass Man Professional Window Washing, Inc.


Our Core Values

Communication: Regular, timely, accurate.

We always work to ensure that our communication with our customers and fellow team members is regular, timely, and accurate. An ideal member of our team is a friendly people-person who can ensure our customers are HAPPY. We have a wonderful community of clients and we’d like to hire someone who will enjoy connecting with them.

Excellence: Measure twice, cut once. (do right the first time, every time)

Measure twice, cut once: in other words, we calculate every step before we take it to ensure that we are doing everything correctly from the beginning. We are surgical and precise. An ideal member of our team understands that the magic (and the mischief) is in the details.


Empathy: Genuine care for people.

This is an important trait anyone who works with us must-have. Our work takes place in intimate spaces —homes and private offices— so we are looking for people who genuinely care about the people they work with, not just the houses. 

Continual Learning: Pursue growth.

We engage in initial and ongoing technical and safety and leadership training to ensure our team members are the best they can be. We are committed to learning and improving every single day.


Appreciation for wild places: 

We love to get outside; hike, climb, bike, surf - an adventure in every sense of the word. We recognize the importance of protecting our planet earth; the wild places we play in. Our company donates one percent of our gross revenues to environmental causes. Everything we do stems from our love of the planet and our desire to make it healthier. We are looking for people who love being outdoors and who have a true appreciation for the wild wonders of our earth.